Tango Mike is an original play based on the lives and stories of Willamette Valley veterans and their families suffering from the effects of PTSD.
The Logger Project  focuses on the lives Pacific Northwest loggers, capturing a glimpse of the history, day-to-day lives, and experiences of the men and women who call themselves loggers.


Un Carol de Independence is an original play focusing on the lives, experiences and challenges of Latino families in the City of Independence, Oregon.
Peace Be Upon You This play looks at the relationship between Sumaiya and Chelsea, college roommates in a rural Oregon University who must put aside their differences as they navigate cultural and political challenges.
Josefina Jordan, Junior Underwater Explorer and the Mystery of the Plastic Fish, A puppet based spectacle that about plastic pollution in our oceans through the eyes of 12 year old Josefina 'JoJo' Jordan, the youngest member of the League of Underwater Explorers. 
I Got Guns! 
In this Commedia dell 'Arte production we are using the demons of the past to tell the stories of today.  An irreverent comedy, I Got Guns, is a satirical commentary on guns, politics and love. 
Jason in Eureka
Eureka! - I Have Found It!
The 2009 Cornerstone Institute Summer Residency took place in Eureka, California and in collaboration with Sanctuary Stage, The Blue Ox Millworks, and The Ink People, Center for the Arts. 
Shades of Grey Volume 1: Memories, takes a look at "aging" in society. This play was developed through story circles and intervhiews with people ranging in age from 50-96 exploring what it means to age and what challlenges and discoveries are made along the way.
Student Ensemble