Past Productions

Peace Be Upon You

Peace Be Upon You A community engaged theater making project, Peace Be Upon, You was developed through collaborations, interviews, and story circles conducted with college students and community members of the Willamette Valley of the Islamic faith. This play looks at the relationship between Sumaiya and Chelsea, college roommates in a rural Oregon University who must put aside their differences as they navigate cultural and political challenges.


I Got Guns! 
A Commedia dell 'Arte production were we use the demons of the past to tell the stories of today.  An irreverent comedy, I Got Guns, is a satirical commentary on guns, politics and love. 

"Sanctuary Stage's "I Got Guns" relies on the tropes and tradition of Italy's broad commedia dell'arte to deliver a political message about guns in America. The acting comedy displays boundless energy and crisp comic timing as well as some clever writing."    - KPBS San Diego

Un Carol de Independence is an original play focusing on the lives, experiences and challenges of Latino families in the City of Independence.  This project was developed through a community engaged play-making process with information obtained from story-circles, interviews, & public forums. This project is in collaboration with the City of Independence, Department of Latino Outreach and the residents of Independence.

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Tango Mike is an original play based on the lives and stories of Willamette Valley veterans and their families suffering from the effects of PTSD. Set in Albany, Oregon on Memorial Day, Mike "Buddy" McIntyre and his family are celebrating the holiday with family and friends. Unexpectedly Buddy's estranged father, Cooper, shows up. Buddy and his father have not spoken for fifteen years. Both men grapple with their own battles with PTSD and how it has affected their relationship and their families.
This play was created through interviews and story circles with veterans and their families from Albany, Corvallis, Philomath, Lebanon, Salem and Sweet Home Oregon. Thank you to all the veterans who participated in this project and thank for your service to our country

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The Logger Project focuses on the lives of loggers and their families.  The original play is regionally specific, and developed through a community-engaged play-making process with the help of local residents, historians, memoirs and logging families. The project is a celebration and exploration of the logger told through an original score and stories that shape the play. We wish to capture a glimpse of the history, day-to-day lives, and experiences of the men and women who call themselves loggers.

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Shades of Grey Volume 1: Memories, takes a look at "aging" in society. This play was developed through story circles and intervhiews with people ranging in age from 50-96 exploring what it means to age and what challlenges and discoveries are made along the way.

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Eureka! - I Have Found It!

The 2009 Cornerstone Institute Summer Residency took place in Eureka, California and in collaboration with Sanctuary Stage, The Blue Ox Millworks, and The Ink People, Center for the Arts.  Eureka is located in Humboldt County along California's northern coastline. With more than 28,000 residents, the City of Eureka is situated along California's "Lost Coast" region.  Geographically isolated between Humboldt Bay on the west and an abundant forest of the world's tallest trees, the Redwoods, on the east, the only road that goes through Eureka is Highway 101.  Founded in 1850, the town has a history of mining, logging and fishing industries. As those industries decline the town struggles to establish a new economic identity.

Community Partnership with Cornerstone Theater: Jason in Eureka